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Some information about Iota Carrageenan

Some information about Iota Carrageenan

Posted in Food

Carrageenans, are extracts of red seaweed. There are different types and Iota is amongst the most popular ones. It can be used to stabilize foams, emulsions and to thicken different liquids. It is an expert at creating gels. Iota works well with different dairy products and can be with a plenty of other liquids.

How much Iota should be used?

The firmness of this ingredient is evaluated by the amounts in which it is used to make it. The more Iota you use, the firmer the gel will be. Normally, 0.75%-1.5% Iota should be used in gels. In case of dairy gels, 0.4%-1.5% Iota is sufficient.

Iota carrageenan gels are ideally made from the gels the gels by using a 0.1%-1.0%           ratio. Iota foams are made using the ratio of 0.2%-1.0% gels. In order to thicken any dairy liquid the ratio of 0.02%-0.04% is used.

Iota Dispersion/Hydration

To use Iota effectively it needs to be dispersed as well as hydrated properly.

Iota Dispersion

Iota is best dispersed in cold liquids. This prevents hydration till the time liquid gets heated. The preferred tools to disperse Iota are standing blender and immersion blender.


In order to hydrate Iota properly, bring it to a temperature above 70 degree Celsius. Iota will not hydrate well with sugar so it is recommended that you add sugar only after the hydration process comes to an end.

How to thicken using Iota Carrageenan?

The simplest use of Iota is to thicken dairy products. Adding Iota to sauces or dairy based liquids is the best way to improve the taste and add thickness.

To thicken any dairy liquid disperse the Iota into cold liquids with the help of a standing blender or an immersion blender. Then set a temperature above 70 degrees Celsius to heat the liquid. Leave the liquid aside to cool and it will thicken.

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Quick Tips for Self Tanning That You Need To Take a Look

Quick Tips for Self Tanning That You Need To Take a Look

Posted in Funnel

Are you looking forward to some easy self-tanning tips that can help you to get a beautiful tanned skin? Then you must read the rest of the blog.

When you are looking forward to self-tanning, you want a streakless tan. However, you are left with self-tan streaks. Well, creating a beautiful tan devoid of streaks is now possible.

Pre-tanning Ritual

One of the most important tanning tips that self-tanners need to keep in mind is the need to prepare for a pre-training ritual. Exfoliation of the skin must be done with a gentle scrub. It should be able to remove the dead skin cells while smoothing the skin for proper penetration of the UV rays. So by exfoliating, the body can help the body to get the much-needed moisture.

Shave For Better Tan

It is important to shave off unwanted hair from your body 24 hours before you go for the tanning session. If you want to avoid orange blotch a good shave is needed. 

Make Yourself Smooth

Tanning is about looking great and beautiful. So you must take out some time for yourself. After you have shaved the unwanted hair go for a shower.

Move Upwards While Applying Self Tanner Products

In order to avoid creases on the stomach or on the back which may be caused by bending while self-tanner remains still wet, it’s best to apply the product on the feet and legs first. Then you should move forward.

Go For Several Coats

In order to get a deep color of tan, it’s best to apply 2-3 thin coats of self-tanner and wait few minutes to dry. You can try out tinted formulas.

Prolong Your Tan

If you want to maximize the life of your faux glow, try to use baby oil before heading to the shower. Also, moisturize the tan in order to lock in hydration and thereby helping your tan to fade naturally.


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Why Should You Buy A Good Gaming Chair?

Why Should You Buy A Good Gaming Chair?

Posted in Hardware

When it comes to sitting in front of the PC or gaming console any gamer would agree that it’s important to select the best computer chair for gaming . While gamers dig into their new quest of escapade through the world of gaming, it affects their posture, back, and neck. They fail to realize that while remaining engrossed in the act of crossing different levels and beating the highest scores, there are serious consequences to prolonged bad posture.

Function of a High Quality Gaming Chair

There are countless comfortable gaming chairs available in the market. Choosing the best computer chair for gaming that suits your individual posture and body size can allow you to rest both easily and ergonomically. It can allow better blood circulation in the lower art of the body and also alleviate the joints and muscles of the lower back and neck area. Thus, a gaming chair can help a person to remain healthy.

Things to Look Out For In Gaming Chairs

With gamers preferring to go for the best chair for gaming these days, one can question what’s so special about gaming chairs apart from improving the gaming experience for the gamers.

Features: Well, with subwoofers and speakers integrated into the chairs, it can enhance the sound during the game. With better sound performance, you can definitely enjoy your game in a better way.

Customization: Also, many gaming chairs offer customization option. Gamers can adjust the armrests or their feet according to their requirement. They can easily recline the chairs in any positions that they want.

Comfort & Value: Even an expensive gaming chair becomes useless if it is unable to provide a great level of comfort. Make sure the chair comes with features that you are looking for. Make sure the usability of the chair before purchasing them.

Always, keep in mind your need before you make your purchase. This will help you in selecting a right gaming chair.

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How to set up a 3D printing pen?

How to set up a 3D printing pen?

Posted in Tool

Well, kids as well as adults enjoy using a 3D printing pen to explore their creativity and learn new creations. It is very easy to make various designs, shapes and sketches using a 3D pen. Once you get used to it, you feel comfortable and easier drawing creative designs.

Just like any other device you should know how to set up this pen, before you actually start using it. Before you start using it for printing, you should be aware of certain things to set up your 3D pen. Let us have a look at the steps you need to follow

Power On

Start by connecting your 3D printing pen to a power supply and then switch on the power supply source.

Choose a filament

Then choose the filament that you want to use for printing. Make sure the 3D pen you are using is designed to make use of that particular filament for printing.

Select the right temperature setting

If your 3D pen is designed in such a way that it is suitable for different types of filaments, select the right temperature setting that is ideal for the particular filament you are using. Give some time for the pen to warm up. Most pens come with LED indicators that help you know the right time when the pen is ready to use.

Insert the Filament

Next is to slide the chosen filament into the input port designed for inserting filament.  In case you want to insert the piece of filament that you used earlier, just trim it at the end with the help of a pair of scissors so that it becomes flat as it prevents jamming.

Once you insert the filament down into your 3D pen, press the release button.

Adjust the speed setting

Choose the fast setting and press the release button until the filament (melted) begins to come out from the tip of your pen. Later you can adjust the settings of the speed depending on your printing needs. get your 3D pen from here


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Tips To Choose the Right E-Liquid Strength

Tips To Choose the Right E-Liquid Strength

Posted in Tool

If you are planning to quit cigarettes and switch to vaping, there are several things that you will be required to decide. It is necessary to pick out the right type of device, the perfect e liquid flavor and the right nicotine strength for an ideal vaping experience. There are many people who are stumped when it comes to Choosing best eliquid with the right nicotine strength. Given below are some tips to help you choose well:

  • In most e-liquids, the nicotine strength has four levels. These range from zero, low, medium, and high. However, different brands have different standards of strength and you must always check the exact amount of nicotine content before buying. Commonly, e-liquids come in strengths like 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.
  • Another thing that determines the ideal nicotine strength of your e-liquid is your smoking habits. This is a helpful guide which will help you help you pick the right strength. A light smoker will obviously require an e-liquid with lower nicotine strength that someone who is a regular smoker and goes through an entire or even two packs per day.
  • The nicotine strength of your e-liquid also depends on personal preferences. For example, there are several people who smoke low strength e-liquids all day but require a comparatively higher strength e-liquid after meals. There are several vapers who smoke low strength e-liquids all day and then there are those who smoke high nicotine e-liquids but only a few times a day.

It is very important to know how to choose best e liquid with the right nicotine strength as a poor choice can have an adverse effect on your body. Make sure that you don’t pick a high nicotine strength e-liquid when your body is used to lighter cigarettes and vice versa. An e-liquid with the right nicotine strength will contribute to an ideal vaping experience.

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Welding Helmets are Crucial for Operator Safety and Work Quality

Welding Helmets are Crucial for Operator Safety and Work Quality

Posted in Tool

When it comes to operator safety in welding, helmets are considered to be crucial protective gear. However, not all safety gear is made in the same way, and helmets are no different. To get the right protection from welding fumes, sparks, and harmful radiation, you are required to choose the best welding helmets type. This not only plays an important role in worker safety, but also enhances productivity and ensures better quality of work. Given below are some ways in which a welding helmet helps the operator in the process of welding:

  • Auto darkening helmets have features that make the work easier for professionals. These offer convenience and ease of usage. Once the arc is detected, the sensors automatically darken the lens. These helmets also offer operational modes which adjust the shade according to the work being done. Thus, these can be used for a number of different functions.
  • An important helmet technology that can improve productivity is the feature of electromagnetic arc sensing. This is most useful in operations where the operator has an obstructed view or is working in an outdoor location. The electromagnetic arc sensing picks up only the magnetic frequency of the welding arc and prevents any outside interference. This is very useful as sometimes the bright sunlight in outdoor locations can cause the lens to darken before the welder is ready.
  • Some of the newer welding helmets with improved features have a feature called grind controlling options. This improved productivity and also enhances safety. The comfort of the headgear also results in better quality of work.

Therefore, as is apparent from the above discussion, the use of best welding helmets has done a lot for the industry. One of the major benefits of the right helmet equipment is the safety of the workers and higher productivity.

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