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Clash Royale game lovers always love to progress in the game faster and use the tips and tricks they know to enhance their game. Another way to enhance your game is to hack Clash Royale to get quick success in the game. This article will help you learn how to level up fast and gain Epic cards in Clash Royale.

Firstly, to be able to level up fast and unlock cards, you need to gain some experience.

Level up cards

The higher you level up your cards, the more experience you get. You need gold to level up the cards.


Donating is quite important. For some players it is optional at times and sometimes you don’t want to donate as you don’t want to spoil the composition of your army. But, while playing Clash Royale, not donating is certainly not a good idea. It is always good to donate. Donating will help you get experience points as well as gold.

It is always better to donate, but do not donate the card you are planning to level up. For example, if you are planning to level up Wizard, then do not donate Wizard and you can donate everything else. Make sure you focus on completing the in-game accomplishments.

You will gain gems by completing in game accomplishments and will get them from Crown chests and free chests. So do not miss on opening chests every day. Opening chests every day can fetch you 14-26 gems on a daily basis.

How to gain Epic cards?

Save up gems that you have. Do not spend your gems to purchase Epic cards from the shop that is a common mistake that most players make. Instead, save your gems and once you have 500 gems, use those gems to purchase gold in bulk.


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