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Carrageenans, are extracts of red seaweed. There are different types and Iota is amongst the most popular ones. It can be used to stabilize foams, emulsions and to thicken different liquids. It is an expert at creating gels. Iota works well with different dairy products and can be with a plenty of other liquids.

How much Iota should be used?

The firmness of this ingredient is evaluated by the amounts in which it is used to make it. The more Iota you use, the firmer the gel will be. Normally, 0.75%-1.5% Iota should be used in gels. In case of dairy gels, 0.4%-1.5% Iota is sufficient.

Iota carrageenan gels are ideally made from the gels the gels by using a 0.1%-1.0%           ratio. Iota foams are made using the ratio of 0.2%-1.0% gels. In order to thicken any dairy liquid the ratio of 0.02%-0.04% is used.

Iota Dispersion/Hydration

To use Iota effectively it needs to be dispersed as well as hydrated properly.

Iota Dispersion

Iota is best dispersed in cold liquids. This prevents hydration till the time liquid gets heated. The preferred tools to disperse Iota are standing blender and immersion blender.


In order to hydrate Iota properly, bring it to a temperature above 70 degree Celsius. Iota will not hydrate well with sugar so it is recommended that you add sugar only after the hydration process comes to an end.

How to thicken using Iota Carrageenan?

The simplest use of Iota is to thicken dairy products. Adding Iota to sauces or dairy based liquids is the best way to improve the taste and add thickness.

To thicken any dairy liquid disperse the Iota into cold liquids with the help of a standing blender or an immersion blender. Then set a temperature above 70 degrees Celsius to heat the liquid. Leave the liquid aside to cool and it will thicken.

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