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Well, kids as well as adults enjoy using a 3D printing pen to explore their creativity and learn new creations. It is very easy to make various designs, shapes and sketches using a 3D pen. Once you get used to it, you feel comfortable and easier drawing creative designs.

Just like any other device you should know how to set up this pen, before you actually start using it. Before you start using it for printing, you should be aware of certain things to set up your 3D pen. Let us have a look at the steps you need to follow

Power On

Start by connecting your 3D printing pen to a power supply and then switch on the power supply source.

Choose a filament

Then choose the filament that you want to use for printing. Make sure the 3D pen you are using is designed to make use of that particular filament for printing.

Select the right temperature setting

If your 3D pen is designed in such a way that it is suitable for different types of filaments, select the right temperature setting that is ideal for the particular filament you are using. Give some time for the pen to warm up. Most pens come with LED indicators that help you know the right time when the pen is ready to use.

Insert the Filament

Next is to slide the chosen filament into the input port designed for inserting filament.  In case you want to insert the piece of filament that you used earlier, just trim it at the end with the help of a pair of scissors so that it becomes flat as it prevents jamming.

Once you insert the filament down into your 3D pen, press the release button.

Adjust the speed setting

Choose the fast setting and press the release button until the filament (melted) begins to come out from the tip of your pen. Later you can adjust the settings of the speed depending on your printing needs. get your 3D pen from here